2020 Rally Calendar

Rally Calendar at 5.2.2020
Click on the link (2020 Rally Calendar at 5.2.2020) above to view the calendar of events/rallies for February and March 2020. You can also print a copy of the calendar from here.

Thursday 13th February 2020 – Local high schools visit. Car display and deliver cheques. Meet at clubrooms at 10:30am ready to depart at 10:45am. Drive to James Nash SHS and be parked up by 11:00am. Depart James Nash 11:40am, arriving at Gympie High by 11:50am. We stay parked at Gympie High and the students from Gympie Flexible Learning Centre will visit with us between 12:25pm and 12:45pm. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy under the shady trees while parked at Gympie High.

MARCH 20202
Sunday 1st March 2020 – Rally to Lake McDonald and Pomona. Meet at clubrooms at 9am ready to depart at 9:30am. BYO morning tea (also chairs) stop at Lake McDonald, then travel on to Pomona. Lunch options -Pomona Pub/buy/BYO picnic in the park.

Tuesday 17th March 2020 – Mid month rally St Patrick Day theme. TBA

Sunday 29th March 2020 – TBA. TBA

APRIL 20202
Saturday 18th April 2020 – Roadcraft 40th Anniversary Static car display at Roadcraft 10am to 1pm

If your vehicle is on concessional rego always carry the following items with you on club rallies or invitation rallies.
your club membership card
copy of latest club rally calendar/copy of current club newsletter
current vehicle rego certificate