2019 Rally Calendar

2019 Rally Calendar at 28.4.2019 A4
Click on the link (2019 Rally Calendar at 28.4.2019A4) above to view the calendar of events/rallies for April, May and June 2019etc You can also print a copy of the calendar from here.

APRIL 2019
Sunday 28th April 2019 – Kenilworth Car Show. Held at Kenilworth Hotel starting at 9am.

MAY 2019
Sunday 5th May 2019 – Don Nahrung’s at Miva. Visit Don’s museum. Travel via Widgee. Meet at clubrooms ready to depart at 9:00am

Thursday 9th May 2019 – Bunning’s Mother’s Day family evening Cars to be parked up by 5pm at the garden centre end of the Bunning’s carpark.

9th -12th May 2019 (Mothers’ Day weekend) – Karl’s rally to Toowoomba MUST HAVE BOOKED WITH KARL. Thu 9th- depart clubrooms at 7am, must have BYO morning tea and lunch for that day.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 – Rally to Mapleton via Kenilworth Meet at clubrooms ready to depart at 9am. BYO morning tea. Leave the clubrooms and travel via Kenilworth where the morning tea stop will be. Then drive on to Mapleton for lunch. Lunch reservations have been made at Mapleton Tavern. Round trip approx 200kms. Ladies may be interested in visiting the Montville craft/fashion shops.

JUNE 2019
Sunday 2nd June 2019 – Rally to Maryborough Memorial Park via PoonaBYO morning tea and lunch. Meet at clubrooms ready to dapart at 9am. BYO morning tea stop at Poona. Then continue on to Maryborogh Memorial Park for a BYO lunch. There are options to purchase food at both Poona and Maryborough if you wish. Round trip approx 230kms.
Friday 14th June 2019 – Biggest Morning Tea at Veteran Hall Meet at clubrooms ready to depart at 9am. Travel to Veteran Hall. Car display. Support the fight against cancer.

JULY 2019
Sunday 7th July 2019 – Muscle on the Mountain, Maleny. Commences at 7am.

If your vehicle is on concessional rego always carry the following items with you on club rallies or invitation rallies.
your club membership card
copy of latest club rally calendar
current vehicle rego certificate
copy of current club newsletter